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We are thrilled to announce that “The Carwash Roller Company” and “Triumph TNT” have merged this year, becoming Triumph CWP! Same trusted brand quality you love, just with a new name.

Welcome to our video archives, where the past meets the present. Join us as we showcase the evolution of Triumph CWP, while upholding the unwavering commitment to quality that our valued customers trust.

The Redesigned Roller

Introducing our reengineered Carwash Roller: Stronger, Longer-lasting, Unmatched Performance. Experience the next level of durability as we redefine industry standards.

How Rollers are made

Curious about our manufacturing process? Discover the precision, innovation, and attention to detail that sets our rollers apart.

Essential Maintenance Tips

Discover valuable tips on extending the lifespan of your Conveyor Rollers. Watch the informative video below to learn essential maintenance techniques and best practices.

How to connect the Roller and Chain

Effortless Roller and Chain Connection: Watch our quick video guide to learn the simple steps for a seamless connection.

Common Questions and Answers

Gain clarity on car wash roller materials through our informative video. Explore the most frequently asked questions and find expert answers below. From material selection to performance implications, we address key aspects to help you make informed decisions. Expand your understanding and make confident choices for your car wash business.


Vince MacNeil is the president of Triumph Car Wash Parts


Vince MacNeil is the president of Triumph CWP. With over 35 years in the car wash industry, Vince has pioneered car wash equipment, both in design and technology. He is proud to have successfully catapulted the industry to higher standards by designing equipment that stands the test of time. Vince has been awarded several patents for his equipment designs, and now, as owner of Triumph CWP, continues his passion for excellence by creating premium parts and machinery for operators. Vince is proud to be part of the Triumph CWP team, a team with extensive product and industry knowledge. When he isn’t creating and designing all things car wash, he spends time in his garage, working to preserve his vintage motorbikes as works of art.


Tim Justice is the Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Triumph Car Wash Parts


Tim Justice is the Co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Triumph Car Wash Parts, and is the owner of the now former merged Carwash Roller Company. Tim also owns a plastics manufacturing company that has been manufacturing car wash parts for 25 years. The parts are used by several of the OEMs in the Car wash industry. As a former army officer, he is “obsessed” with getting the products on time and on-target to his customers. Tim has developed many new products for the car wash world, and has a patent pending on a new roller. Tim holds a master of Business Administration and graduate diplomas from the Canadian military staff college. Tim also very much enjoyed graduating from Culinary School and Sommelier school.